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You thought Gravatar Profiles were cool? Wait until you see them on all blogs.

Today we’re upping your Gravatar Profile to a new level of awesomeness with Gravatar Hovercards. It’s now easy to find out about who is behind your favorite comments on simply by moving your mouse over their Gravatar.  This new feature is enabled by default across

What’s a Hovercard?

Gravatar Hovercards show information about a person: name, bio, pictures, and their contact info at other services they use on the web like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

As a commenter, Hovercards offer a great way to show your Internet presence and help people find your own blog. If you’re a blogger on, you can quickly check out who’s commenting on your blog, and have an easier time connecting with them.

How to use and see Hovercards

You can see other people’s Hovercards by moving…

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