Feeling Bad? Celebrities With Unexpected, Crazy Insecurities



Celebrities With Unexpected, Crazy Insecurities

We know about certain celebrity insecurities. LeBron doesn’t like his hairline. Kim Kardashian doesn’t like her post-baby body. But did you know about some insecurities that are outrageous and unnecessary? Take a look.


Lebron Weight – We know about his hairline, but Lebron is apparently concerned about his weight. So he lost weight as soon as he got a chance.


Beyonce – She photoshops her thighs on Instagram so it appears she’s worried about that thigh gap. But she doesn’t need one!

Kate Moss - Tyra Banks

Kate Moss – She’s insecure because she says she has “bow legs”…really?

Celebrities at the Primetime Emmy Awards

Sofia Vergara – She’s been insecure about her bust size…we’re glad she’s never done anything about it.


Kelly Rowland – She was really insecure about her skin color at one point, but it’s absolutely beautiful.


Scarlett Johansson – She said she doesn’t feel like she’s necessarily the best…

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