And now it’s IBM’s turn to reboot its cloud


That Xen hypervisor vulnerability is sparking another reboot — this time of IBM Softlayer’s cloud. Users got a notice from SoftLayer early Wednesday morning, 12 hours in advance of a restart to come at 10 AM CT. The message header was “VSI Hypervisor Upgrade and Reboot – All Locations.”

What’s particularly troublesome for [company]SoftLayer[/company] partners and customers — one of whom contacted me — is that SoftLayer is on the same Xen predisclosure list as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace, which both launched reboots late last week and over the weekend. [company]Amazon[/company] alerted its customers last Wednesday and [company]Rackspace[/company] two days later.

In its email to customers, Softlayer said the issue lies in “some of our hypervisor nodes which are used to provide Virtual Server Instances (VSIs) and [we]  have determined that some of them will require reboots and upgrades to remediate against the potential security vulnerability.”

At least one customer feels that 12 hours’…

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