Racist Twitter Doesn’t Like It When We Burn Their Flag

Black Millennials

I write this with the assumption that I’ll never run for President of these United States.

FROM ST. LOUIS: Last night, demonstrations erupted in the Shaw area of St. Louis. Hundreds gathered to denounce Vonderrit Myers’ killing. The passionate surge for justice comes on the dawn of the Ferguson October: Weekend of Resistance, a national call to action that’s expected to mobilize some 6,000-10,000 people in the embattled area. With the legacy of Mike Brown still lingering, and the anger at Darren Wilson still festering, tensions were high and apprehension was fierce.

Per usual, Twitter was the go-to for honest, on-the-ground, firsthand accounts of the bubbling situation. Protests started peacefully. However, police soon arrived in ominous riot gear, inciting unnecessary heat in an already precarious situation.

Riot GearPepper spray soon followed.

ToryAnd things got especially tense.

The situation defused when police retreated from the scene.

Militarized police and searing pepper spray are commonplace in…

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