Just Say No…And Yes

Dances With Fat

DefendKeeping fat people feeling terrible about ourselves is big business.  The diet industry makes well over 60 Billion dollars a year selling a product that doesn’t work.  But we aren’t just oppressed for profit. We’re also often oppressed for other people’s self-esteem, or for their sport.

It sucks but there are sad people who base their self-esteem on being better than someone, and in current society fat people are easy targets for this.  There are also seriously messed up people who think it’s fun to be hurtful jackasses for sport.  These are the people who jump on the chance to say something terrible about a fat person any time we become visible for any reason.

So fat people stay out of the public eye.  Not because we want to necessarily, but because they don’t want to be publicly humiliated (which is a completely legitimate fear.)  So we don’t run…

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