Christy on questions about UAH seasonal signals

Watts Up With That?

As promised, I contacted Dr. John Christy regarding the seasonal signal that the anonymous blogger “deepclimate” says he/she has identified in the UAH data, seen below. He/she says: “I am a Canadian citizen residing in Canada. For private and professional reasons, I prefer to remain anonymous to the general public, at least for now.”

I’ve never understood the need for some people to remain anonymous while at the same time attempt to do science. Imagine the furor if scientists like Christy or Spencer created an anonymous blog and then were later discovered. I’m sure it would be immediately up there on sourcewatch with “tsk tsk” attached.

Science really should be done out in the open.  Here’s Dr. Christy’s in the open response.

Dr. Christy has made a response in the readme file at the UAH website here:

Update 18 Jul 2009 ************************************
Corrected trend values (1700 CST)

It was…

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