Maryland – The Progressive Insane Asylum

Real Science

Maryland high school teaches children that ISIS treats people “with tolerance, kindness and respect” as they rape, torture, enslave and behead them.

Wood’s wife, Melissa, wondered how teaching about one religion is considered a history lesson while teaching about Christianity would be viewed diffrerently.

“We cannot discuss our Ten Commandments in school but they can discuss Islam’s Five Pillars?”

The three-page assignment asked questions including, “How did Muslim conquerors treat those they conquered?”

A homework assignment obtained by showed the correct answer was, “With tolerance, kindness and respect.”

Former Marine banned from daughter’s school after dispute over Islam lesson | Fox News

It has gotten to the point where I can not take a walk during the day without bumping into some whacked out progressive walking a huge aggressive dog, which they can’t control. There are at least four of them in my neighborhood. These morons are afraid of…

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