The Only Person You Should Try To Be Better Than Is Yourself

A Mixed Bag

If we try to be better than someone else, then we lose who we are. We start to become them. Maybe only slightly, but enough. I know in a race you are supposed to come first, but in the Human Race, the Race of Life, the Rat Race, you should only be better than you. If someone has something and we become jealous and want to see if we can get it, we move from the path we are on. Better to congratulate them and carry on our own road. We can do things no-one else can.

Each of us is a unique individual, and that’s what sets us out from the crowd. That’s what makes people fall in love with us. That’s what makes fall in love with other people. That’s what makes us able to do what we do. That’s what makes us, us. It’s what makes you…

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