We Got 99 Problems but Fraud Ain’t One

The Rotoquant

Running a real-money gaming site is wrought with challenges. Whenever there’s money being transacted, and particularly money given away, nefarious agents emerge from every corner of the internet trying to run scams and see just how much they can get away with without being caught. There are some tools for sites to defend themselves against fraud – but the bad actors can be highly clever and aggressive. Often times basic data-driven analytics isn’t enough to really figure out what’s going on.

I’m the CIO at Victiv.com, a daily fantasy sports site that hosts real-money games weekly. We’ve got single prize pools in the works that reaching into the $100,000’s of dollars. We are running a free-money giveaway campaign where new users can earn up to $30 in free play on the site, and an additional $20 for referring friends who play. Needless to say the stakes are high, and the incentive for…

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