Why Arsenal should not turn down the chance to sign Chelsea’s Petr Cech


Chelsea’s Petr Cech could be on the market (Picture: Getty Images)

If Petr Cech is on the market, Arsenal would be stupid not to sign him.

At £7million, Arsenal have the chance to add a world class leader to their squad. The 32-year-old Czech international is the type of player the Gunners need. They lack leadership, experience and quality. Cech has all three in abundance and would give the team a lift if his presence was in the dressing room.

Despite having Woijech Szczesny and David Ospina already in the squad, Cech would be a useful addition. Damian Martinez is set to start again for Arsenal against Borussia Dortmund due to Szczesny and Ospina being injured. The Colombian keeper appears to have long-term injury problems, and the Gunners may be wise to cut their losses on him and sell on in January.

Szczesny is a good keeper, with the potential to…

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