Donna Nook Grey Seals Watch

Donna Nook Grey Seal Colony

OS: 113 • GR: TF 422998 (Stonebridge entrance)  • Map ref: 15
Suggested routes to Donna Nook from Long Eaton;
M1 – M18  •  Newark – Lincoln – Louth

For much of the year grey seals at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trusts’ Donna Nook National Nature Reserve are at sea or hauled out on distant sandbanks. Every November and December, the seals give birth to their pups near the sand dunes: a wildlife spectacle which attracts visitors from across the UK.

With over 1300 pups born annually and tens of thousands of visitors, management is required and this is achieved thanks to the fantastic support of a team of volunteer wardens and the staff of RAF Donna Nook.

Video Credit: MrDaveC1234

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website reports that from having no seals recorded on the beach on Monday 17th October 2011, by Monday 7th…

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