An education book that changed me: favorite reads revealed


An education book that changed me: favorite reads revealedOne of the recommended books was written 100 years ago, another dates from 1748.
by Louise Tickle

Is there a particular education book that has excited
or influenced you? Here are some recommendations.

Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power Of Practice, by Matthew Syed

Recommended by Professor Tim Brighouse Written by a former table tennis world champion, this book makes you think: “If I can find out what a kid is really enthusiastic about, and put in the right support, they can become really, really good.” And I think once people become good at something it’s brilliant for their confidence and they become good at other things. I was talking to 35 headteachers in Gloucestershire this morning and five had read it and all could relate to what the book is saying. It’s definitely having an influence; since Bounce was published (in 2011), schools really are now, from year 7, looking out for what…

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