Extreme Surf Slams California Coast, Floods Mill Valley Roads During ‘King Tides’

CBS San Francisco

MONTEREY (CBS SF) — A natural coast rhythm around the winter solstice is bringing the year’s highest tides to California shores, creating coastal flood advisory for the Bay Area through Tuesday.

Mark Strudley of the National Weather Service in Monterey said that he expects high tidal activity through Tuesday. He said it will peak Monday, with the likelihood of flooding at low-lying areas.

Strudley says the so-called King Tide happens when the sun and moon align, which pulls ocean water to opposite sides of the earth and creates extremely high and low tides.

The extra high tides sent water on to the pavement near the Highway 1 exit from Highway 101 in Mill Valley. The parking lot there has flooded, as well the bike path area.

Last year the King Tide surrounded some buildings along the same area, closing on and off-ramps between Highway 1 and Highway 101.

Capt. Greg Stump…

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