(Reblogged and rewritten, added and taken back…)

After given it much thought I found it so necessary to make a short article about my years in music. I do not care about Step One Records etc. much anymore. Anyway, there are a few corrections I have to inform fans of the label about. (Being cool and diverse was not for free…)

I want to end some of the stupid rumours  and opinions that easily get spread through the internet. (Like a band claiming to sell 5000 copies of a record that was pressed in 1000 copies. Without any promotion at all… You sad mainstream wannabees. And while at it, maybe inform some collectors that Opinionate! Records 001 is in fact Is this Heavy or what? 001. The correct circulation figures. Etceteros.)

I had a My Space page for the label, or labels if you wish, but I got bored with…

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