The 2015 It Girl’s New Year’s Resolution

Jetset Times


Bree New Year 2015

WARNING: Reading this article will spark an exponential increase in self-confidence…Enjoy.

It’s that time of year again where we switch out our planners and spend the next month and a half trying to avoid writing “2014” on our notes, checks and emails. Gym locker rooms are busting at the seams. The checkout line at Whole Foods is worse than that of the Apple store the night before the release of the iPhone 6. It’s utter pandemonium worldwide as men and women alike strive for change as of January 1.

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It’s a new year and what does that typically mean? A new you!

Now, let’s ask ourselves one critical question…why must we obsess over the idea of creating a shiny, new version of ourselves each year? Why not love ourselves in the present state and work to make…

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