Ezell Ford: Autopsy of unarmed black man shot by police shows key details

Q13 FOX News

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(CNN) — His name isn’t as recognizable as Michael Brown’s. But like Brown, Ezell Ford was an unarmed black man shot and killed by police in August.

Now, newly released details of Ford’s death could raise a host of new questions.

Among the findings: The 25-year-old was shot three times, including once in the back. And that wound was surrounded by a muzzle imprint, Ford’s autopsy report shows.

But “there is nothing in the coroner’s report that is inconsistent with the statements given to us by the officers,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said.

Ford was shot by Los Angeles police on August 11 — two days after Brown was killed.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office released the autopsy Monday after the Los Angeles police removed its security hold on it.

The LAPD had put an administrative hold on Ford’s autopsy because the department said it…

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