The 8 Requirements of Real-Time Stream Processing

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The 8 Requirements of Real-Time Stream Processing – Stonebraker et al. 2005

Applications that require real-time processing of high-volume data streams are pushing the limits of data processing infrastructures.

Stonebraker et al. make the case in 2005 that stream processing is going to become increasingly important. Not just for the usual finance, fraud, and command-and-control use cases, but also….

… as the “sea change” caused by cheap micro-sensor technology takes hold, we expect to see everything of material significance on the planet get “sensor-tagged” and report its state or location in real time. This sensorization of the real world will lead to a “green field” of novel monitoring and control applications with high-volume and low-latency processing requirements.

I.e., the Internet of Things (IoT). What will it take to build such systems?

In this paper, we outline eight requirements that a system software should meet to excel at a variety of…

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