WordPress MU!

La casa di Jollino

[13:41:01] <eagle1> daniele
[13:41:01] <eagle1> daniele
[13:41:02] <eagle1> daniele
[13:41:07] <eagle1> :*
[13:41:07] <eagle1> senti
[13:41:12] <eagle1> tu che sai TUTTO
[13:41:22] <eagle1> sai se esiste una piattaforma per fornire blog?
[13:41:27] <eagle1> tipo che io ho dominio.tld
[13:41:28] <Jollino> wordpress mu
[13:41:31] <eagle1> arriva l’utente
[13:41:34] <Jollino> wordpress mu
[13:41:40] <eagle1> e si registra
[13:41:41] <Jollino> WORDPRESS MU
[13:41:46] <eagle1> utente.dominio.tld
[13:41:47] <eagle1> ?
[13:41:48] <Jollino> MO TI SMURFO
[13:41:49] <Jollino> WORDPRESS MU
[13:41:50] <eagle1> NON HO CAPITO
[13:41:55] <eagle1> PUOI RIPETERE?
[13:41:58] <eagle1> NON TI SENTOOOOOOOOOOO
[13:41:59] <Jollino> http://mu.wordpress.org/
[13:42:01] <eagle1> huahuhuhauhuahauhuahauhuahau
[13:42:03] <eagle1> :*
[13:42:04] <eagle1> sei adorabile
[13:42:06] <Jollino> WordPress MU is multi-user version of the famous WordPress blogging application. It is ideal for people wanting to offer a hosted version of WordPress, but due to its complexity installation and maintainance is not supported in the same manner WordPress is. (You cannot get support on the…

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