What can you do with wordpress.com

Lorelle on WordPress

As of late August, wordpress.com is still under beta testing and a few invites have been handed out to people inviting them to test drive the new site. When it gets up and running, it will be very exciting. But for now, what can you do, or not do, with your WordPress.com site?

Basically, almost anything you want. There are some limitations. Let’s start with the “things you can do” list.

What can you do with wordpress.com?

The wordpress.com site is run by the amazing WordPress MU designed to be run on a single site with multiple users blogging on their own individual site. While it can be used to set up multiple blogs on an individual’s site, it is really designed for the corporate company or host server to manage hundreds, even thousands of WordPress sites. It is powered by WordPress 1.6 alpha, which means it is still under…

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