8 Projects to Renew Every Room in Your Home


These DIYs take an afternoon (or less) and will give your home a much-needed refresh.

Kitchen: Chalkboard Cupboard

Take a little chalkboard paint to the inside of your kitchen cabinet, and suddenly, you have a place to keep track of grocery lists, baking measurements, or phone numbers. Mandi, of Tidbits from the Tremaynes, used leftover molding to hang measuring cups and teaspoons, giving her a little extra shelf space for the important things (like chocolate chips).

Get the full tutorial from Tidbits from the Tremaynes.

Living Room: Gallery Wall

Blank walls are boring and stale and we know you have piles of photos that are just waiting to be organized and framed. Pick your favorites and arrange a gallery wall over your couch, mantle, entertainment center— or wherever there’s an expanse of plain white paint. Don’t limit yourself to just pictures—you can frame travel mementos, postcards, or inspirational posters, too.

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