Verizon explains its seamless cloud upgrade except not really


In a bid to be more transparent about last weekend’s 40-hour closure of the Verizon Cloud, Verizon just posted more about that massive upgrade. But, to be honest, it was more a history lesson about Verizon’s cloud ambitions than any new detail about what exactly the company did to its cloud

Mostly the post recapped the message from October, 2013, when Verizon first talked up its planned enterprise-class cloud. That it was built from scratch to be completely virtualized and network addressable at all levels — all the endpoints, all the orchestration, firewalls, load balancers, identity management etc., according to Thursday’s post by Verizon CTO Kevin Clarke. Clarke, by the way, stepped in for his predecessor John Considine, who left Verizon last fall in a move that has not been reported but which the company confirmed on Thursday.

What all that virtualized goodness means, according to Clarke is:

Updates and maintenance, even unscheduled maintenance like…

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