Saudi blogger sentenced to 1000 lashes flogged 50 times every Friday for ‘insulting Islam’

The Muslim Issue

The God of Islam is a very weak, whimpering, greedy god who is easily offended. He appears to also be the most incapable God of all religions. Allah is so full of flaws his creation is endlessly attacked, hated and criticized by Muslims who want to change it and make better decisions than their God apparently can do. Their Allah is also weaker than an ordinary person and cannot handle any form of scrutiny or criticism without demanding instant punishment. Sounds more like a man with a big ego than a God!

Raif Badawi was actually not “insulting Islam”. He was questioning conditions for the poor and blogging about social issues and what improvements was needed in the country.

‘My husband is being lashed to death… they are killing him more every week’: Agony of wife of Saudi Arabian blogger who is being flogged 50 times every Friday…

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