Making Your Own Ebook – Part Eleven – Fonts

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Fonts are software and all fonts are not FREE! You may be liable to pay the owner of the font for its use if you embed a font in your Ebook that is not a “FREE” public domain font and you do not have a specific licence to use the font. Just because the font is included in your computer does NOT mean that you can use it when you distribute an Ebook.

Whatever font you set, when you are formatting your book, it will probably be overridden by the E-reader’s internal fonts. You CAN force your chosen font but if that particular font is not included in the E-reader’s built-in set of fonts, you may get some unpredictable results.

Test it!

If you have a physical E-reader, or a PC/Mac/Tablet based E-reader, load your book and see if it uses YOUR chosen font or the user-selected font. Look at…

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