Getting Rid Of Beep Beep Boop Editor – The Easy Way

Don Charisma

Many MANY people are unhappy with the new “improved” editor, nicknamed “Beep beep boop”. Here’s a simple solution.


I’ve seen some of the methods for restoring the classic editor, all of which I felt a bit overly involved and cumbersome. Within that they may well be superior solutions, I’m offering this one for simplicity, not to be “the best”. KISS, right ?

So, how ? Well create a (private) page on your blog called wpadmin. You can then access the page (provided you’re logged in) via

This is what the page will look like :


Although it’ll be different on your site, because you probably have a different theme to me.

Create you own “Simple Classic Editor Admin Links” page

  1. Create a new post, select “Text” rather than “Visual”, and copy and paste the HTML code I’ve included below into the text box.
  2. Title the post simply “wpadmin”…

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