Sham-Loose … Definitely Somebody to Know

Jane Bwye

At last – Crooked Cat’s most intriguing member is gracing my table today. Welcome to Master Blogger Seumas Gallacher. I dont always understand what he’s going on about, but he’s definitely somebody to know…

Seumas, I’ve been intrigued ever since you joined the Crooked Cats. Do you always talk the way you write on Facebook?

If you mean the lapses into Docklands Govan, Glasgow-ese, the answer is a definite ‘No’… I’d never be understood anywhere, except p’raps in Govan itself.  When I first transferred to London all those years ago, I truly had to slow down my speed of speech delivery, and to learn to enunciate in a way that my English could be understood in the Big Smoke. 

I see you live in the United Arab Emirates. It has the best airline in the world for food (though I don’t appreciate the terminally long waits in…

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