How is Chicago collecting over a billion in unpaid tickets? (Hint: It’s not.)


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CHICAGO — While red light cameras took center stage during the elections, the real story may not be those rampant tickets but the money behind them.

So many complaints have been lodged about Chicago’s heavy handed ticketing. But just what are the numbers and how much was the city pulling in from parking and camera tickets?

The city of Chicago has over a billion dollars in unpaid tickets dating back over a decade. So while Chicago has this tough stance on ticketing, there’s a disconnect when it comes to collecting that revenue.

“The biggest shock is the size of the debt and if you combine the speed camera, the red light camera and the parking ticket debt, it’s 1.7 billion dollars,” Mike Brockway, Publisher of The Expired Meter.

The huge debt leaves Brockway wondering how a city so desperate for revenue not have the muscle to collect…

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