Press Release: Tinkercad releases a major new version of their award winning browser based CAD

Tinkercad Blog

Tinkercad, the first to bring a browser based 3D printing CAD to the masses, today announced a major new release of their service. This marks a significant step in Tinkercad’s mission to make 3D printing accessible to a wide audience. The core of this mission is to teach people how to design using a simple and powerful 3D design tool.

“A key part of learning is having great tools at your disposal. Tinkercad has previously won several awards for its user interface but we wanted to raise the bar further. Based on user testing and intensive research we are confident that the new interface makes it possible for even more people to enjoy learning about design and 3D printing” says Kai Backman the CEO and co-founder of Tinkercad. “You can now work collaboratively either with your close friends or as part of the community.”

To make it easier for users…

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