Airport screening is an expensive failure

Peace and Freedom


Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Most of us who have traveled by air over the past 13 years have experienced the inconvenience of dealing with Transportation Security Administration screenings, random searches and regulations. And most of us dutifully packed our toiletries in tiny containers inside separate clear plastic bags, submitted to full-body scans and pat-downs, took off our shoes, endured the long lines … followed all the new rules, because we believed what we were told – that it all would keep us safer.

Airport screeners

In fact, the invasions of privacy and increased hoops to jump through were billed as necessary in order to ensure that our larger freedoms remained safe. Now, as the result of a Department of Homeland Security investigation, we are learning we were duped. An internal investigation conducted by Homeland Security teams showed TSA airport screeners failed to detect explosives and weapons an unfathomable nearly 96…

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