FTW’s Father’s Day gift guide, for your sports-loving Dad

For The Win

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Father’s Day is coming up and you have no idea what to get and will really make no effort because, hey, it’s Father’s Day, not Mother’s Day, and you can always run out to the mall on Saturday to buy Pops a tie. And why do you do that? Because Dad is very particular and you don’t want to buy something expensive he won’t like, so getting a tie is just safe for everybody. But with FTW’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, you can be sure you’ll be buying Dad something he’ll enjoy because, trust me, I’ve been a dad for all of 17 months. I know things.

For the golfer:

1. Bushnell Golf Tour v3 Patriot Pack


Though there are more expensive range finders on the market, the Bushnell Tour v3 is all a golfer needs. (Anyway, you don’t break the bank for dad anyway. It’s just a fact.) This…

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