Poll: 91% of Americans would vote for Jewish presidential contender

The Ugly Truth


Gallup survey reveals citizens more apt to back Jewish candidates than Muslim, atheist ones

ed note–it is commonly said that ‘Israel controls American foreign policy’, which is true, but which is also a severe understatement.

Contrary to the rhetoric we hear often from certain conservative religious circles, America is not a ‘Christian’ country. It may have ‘Christians’ in it, but it is 100% certified Kosher and as Jewish as it gets. A nation that has been mentally circumcised, all our thoughts, sentiments, opinions, on any given topic, are ‘spiced’ with the leaven of Judaism through and through. What can effectively be described as the ‘Seinfeldization’ of a nation, there is not a single sector of the collective American mind that does not see things through the lens of Judaism.

Therefore, why should anyone be surprised when polls indicate that 91% of Americans would vote for a ‘Jewish prez’? After decades of Seinfeld…

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